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Who Are The Props?

The Props are a group of very talented musicians that came together to deliver a high energy performance with songs you love.  We are also dedicated to finding those songs you love that all the other cover bands out there seem to have forgotten! Founded in 2010, our lineup is: Eric Olsen - Vocals, Guitar - An in your face ax-man who can shred and croon like a mofo, Eric keeps the rest of us in line. Kristen Olsen - Vocals, Percussion - Not just a pretty face, but also a uber-talented singer, artist and performer. You can also catch Kristen when she's not performing at her art gallery, The O Gallery,  in Beachwood, at La Place. Dawn Olsen - Vocals, Percussion (sometimes bass), - Dawn is a shameless performer who enjoys entertaining the crowd. She's dangerous! Ted Fabec - Bass - Ted is a life-long musician that can hold down a serious groove on bass.  Between him and Chris on drums you would have to try hard not to dance. Mike Black - Keys - Bringing an electronic element to our lineup, Mike is as cheerful as he is determined. Chris Russo - Drums - We might be biased, but not only is Chris a great drummer, but he's quite the snazzy dancer. Keith Nicholas - Guitar - That smooth, luscious sound you hear isn't  a chorus of angels, it's just Keith making sweet love to his six string. Yowzaa!
Cool... Funky... Fresh... Music... and Stuff!

Email:  info@thepropsband.com

Phone:  330-931-8875